4 Reasons to Invest in a Wedding Videographer
For anyone who wants their wedding to be documented, photo is always the first thing that comes to mind. With amazing cameras and equipment continuously on the rise, though, video has become an increasingly viable option to take. With that said, couples often find themselves asking, “Why would I want or need video?” Of course, it’s simply a matter of preference, and there are plenty of couples who keep it simple with a photographer who does an amazing job the day of. For some, though, the idea sounds appealing, but they can’t quite get their finger on why they want video.

Take a look at the few reasons you might want video for your big day:

1. Videos capture moments in a way that photos can’t. Photos definitely have a story to tell — they capture the emotions and liveliness of the day. However, they can’t capture the crack in your fiancĂ©’s voice when they say their vows, or your best friend’s stammering as they tearfully delivers their toast.

2. There are many things you won’t see the day of. There are a lot of moving parts to the day, and the fact of the matter is that you won’t be able to see everything. You obviously won’t see your fiancĂ© getting ready. You won’t see all of your guests mingling and chatting while you get your portraits taken. You might even miss the unbelievably cool moves your nephew does on the dance floor. (Seriously — every wedding seems to have a kid who dances exceptionally well.)

3. You’ll see and hear moments in their entirety. There’s nothing quite like revisiting your vows, toasts, first dances, and other special moments in full.

4. One of the most special days of your life becomes a film. Whether you get a highlight reel, a documentary film, or both, your day becomes a film that is curated and edited in a unique way. How often do any of us get the opportunity to star in our own film, anyway?