5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Photo and Video Team
Why should you hire a wedding photo and video team over two separate companies?

1. We Can Work Together

It never fails. The photographer lines up the photo, is ready to press the shutter, when the videographer from some other company steps into the shot. When you hire a wedding photo and video team that has been working together for years, like Double Knot has, this situation occurs far less often. We know how to work together to make sure that we are stepping on one another’s toes, or intruding into one another’s frames. And we can help each other in so many ways – sharing information, sharing equipment and transport, etc. Even something as simple as having a third person to rig a light for a portrait moment where video is less important makes a huge impact on the quality of your media.

2. Less Expensive

Almost all companies, Double Knot included, offer a discount for bundling photo and video together. Our average client saves almost 40% compared to purchasing our photo and video separately. And who doesn’t like saving money?

3. Cohesive Aesthetic

If you want your video and photo to be made with the same level of high quality and unique artistry, going with the same company is the only way to guarantee it.

4. Less Contracts, Less Hassle

Vendors for weddings can really add up. The DJ, the planner, the venue, the caterer, the bakery, the lighting, the the photographer, the videographer…you get the idea. Simplify your wedding planning by combining photo and video into one less thing to manage.

5. The Little Things

When we work together, there are so many little ways we can help each other. For instance, we use our photos for the disc case covers. We are able to film engagement sessions at a much lower cost. We sometimes include photos into our videos. In the end, having a client use us for both helps our flexibility, making it easier to deliver the best product possible.

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