The Team

Adam Brandenburg
kayla galang
Kayla Galang
Matt Stryker
Matt Stryker
Charlie Pearce
Charlie Pearce

We are a group of photographers and videographers come together to create imaginative, innovative wedding media.

We all met as film and photojournalism students at the University of Texas. There, we worked and learned alongside each other on photo assignments, film sets, and documentaries. Our work has been featured in publications such as Dallas Morning News, USA Today, and the New York Times, and festivals such as South by Southwest and the Austin Film Festival.

Drawing from our shared experiences, we have come together to create stories that are honest and beautiful. And with over 100 happy couples captured, we are looking forward to more.

Our Ideal Client

  • Loves documentary films and lifestyle photos. They find joy in capturing the real moments — expected and unexpected.
  • Would rather pause — not pose — a special moment for the perfect shot.
  • Understands our style and feels free to collaborate with us when ideas strike them.
  • Trusts our expertise and listens to our input.
  • Has a sense of humor and heart.
  • Truly focuses on what the day is all about: love, union, friends, family, and fun.