About Us

Who we are. What we do.

Imaginative. Innovative.

We are a group of experienced photographers and videographers come together to create imaginative, innovative wedding media.

We are also a company of paradoxes–laid-back yet professional, young yet experienced, humble yet really unbelievably amazing. We don’t believe we have to be too serious or arrogant to produce great work. We are like the city we live in: unique, relaxed, yet passionate to create great things. Our business is not about our ego. It’s about our clients. And we’re all in this together.

So if you have any questions, or simply want to chat about an idea, please give us a call or shoot us an email.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Our Ideal Client

  • Loves documentary films and lifestyle photos. They find joy in capturing the real moments — expected and unexpected.
  • Would rather pause — not pose — a special moment for the perfect shot.
  • Understands our style and feels free to collaborate with us when ideas strike them.
  • Trusts our expertise and listens to our input.
  • Has a sense of humor and heart.
  • Truly focuses on what the day is all about: love, union, friends, family, and fun.
Adam Brandenburg

While attending the University of Texas film school, Adam realized that he was surrounded by extremely talented photographers and videographers, and he decided to start a business that would give the most talented of them an opportunity to do what they do best. His favorite part of the job is seeing what amazing work his friends bring in every week.

kayla galang
Kayla Galang

Kayla first picked up a camera at age 11 — a Nikon Coolpix 2100, to be exact — and has since done photo work in journalism, street fashion, film sets, and weddings. She draws from her broad photo experience and documentary filmmaking background to create wedding photos that aren’t only beautiful, but also tell authentic stories.

Matt Stryker
Matt Stryker

When Matt documents a wedding, he doesn’t just cover the day — he captures every detail, every look, and every moment that speaks to a couple’s unique story. Drawing from a decade of filmmaking, Matt actively seeks the narrative and aims to capture it candidly, honestly, and beautifully.

Charlie Pearce
Charlie Pearce

Since earning degrees in film and photojournalism at the University of Texas at Austin, Charlie’s photography has been published in several publications including the Dallas Morning News, USA Today, and the New York Times. While working as a photographer and editor at The Daily Texan, Charlie received the Award of Excellence from College Press Photographer of the Year.