Our Process

Our Equipment

We believe high quality equipment is a crucial ingredient in producing high quality photo and video. That’s why we invest in only the best, cutting edge equipment on the market.

  • High Resolution Imagery
    Our cameras pack a lot of megapixels, which means stunning images and larger prints. And we use lenses specifically designed for photo which means fast auto-focus and detailed night imagery. Also, our lenses cover every focal length available, so we can capture wide shots (ideal for big family portraits) and close-ups (meaning we don’t have to be in your face during your first look/kiss/dance).
  • Low Light Vision
    When low-light cameras are overlooked, footage can appear dark or grainy, and often additional lighting must be installed that ruins the vibe of your dance floor. To prevent this, we use video cameras that see better in low-light than the human eye, so you can keep your dance floor dark.
  • Superior Audio
    We understand the importance of sound, so we get creative in placing high-quality microphones on our cameras, the DJ’s board, or even under the groom’s collar during the ceremony. This way, we’re able to capture every vow, toast, and cheer.
  • Supporting Equipment
    With 100+ weddings under our belts, we’ve learned what cameras work best and what extra equipment need to support it. From tripods to monopods, to sliders to gimbals, we bring it all so we can capture any moment that may come up. Needing an aerial shot? No problem. We’ll pack our drone, too.
  • Failsafe Data Backup
    Our policy is to assume the worst will happen and prepare for it like it’s inevitable. That means your wedding media is always backed up on three different drives in two different locations and then uploaded to the cloud. No drive failure, flood, or any other conceivable catastrophe will endanger your files.

Our Style

As narrative filmmakers, photojournalists, and general lovers of all things story, we understand that photography and videography is about more than the technical details. From your wedding day, to the editing room, who you are and what makes your day special is our guiding principle.

  • Capturing Genuine Moments
    We understand the importance of posed portraits and are happy to capture them, but what interests us most are the real moments. We seek the genuine moments, moments you may have missed, then frame them with an eye for what makes them beautiful. You can pose and pause less and enjoy your day more. This results in a far more genuine representation of your wedding, your friends, your family — all while preserving exactly what makes your day special.
  • Stitching Your Story Together
    So we’ve captured your moments, the vows, the first dances, the countless laughs and congratulations. Now it’s time to sift through the raw footage, find the story, and stitch it all together. When editing, we focus on the emotion that drives the story forward. We pick out the little shots that make your wedding unlike any other, resulting in photo and video that represents you and only you. So, you won’t just see your media after, but you’ll get to relive the story of your day, rediscovering every special detail again and again for years to come.

Our Team

We’re a team of film school grads and lovers of all things photo and video. And loving photo and video isn’t just a recent hobby for any of us. It’s a lifestyle. We’ve grown up submerged in the world of storytelling and aesthetics. Capturing moments and creating stories are a part of who we are.

  • Photo & Video Under One Roof
    It’s the design dream: bundling photo and video to create a cohesive aesthetic across the board. We understand that before we even show up, you put a lot of effort into the design of your wedding day, the flowers, the place settings, the dress. We believe that unity should be represented in your photo and video. Even in the post-production process, we edit photo and video side by side, collaborating with each other to sustain the consistency of your look.
  • Trained Storytellers
    We keep our team small because we believe a handful of talented people with a proven history of collaboration produces the best work. Our entire team is made up of graduates from the Radio / Television / Film program at The University of Texas. Combined, we’ve completed 20+ short films, 5+ documentaries, and countless more commercials, fashions shoots, portraits, and whatever else can be captured with a camera and lens. We’ve even had the honor of seeing our work compete in festivals like SXSW. See the team’s full bios here: