Let’s Save the Date.

Give us some info, and we’ll pencil you in. We’ll keep your date saved while you do your research.

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FYI. So you know exactly what happens when.


Initial Meeting

Once we check our availability, we’ll set up a meeting (call, Skype or in-person at our studio). Together, we’ll go through past albums, answer questions, and nail down your style.


Ready to book? Reserving your date requires a signed contract and half down. Payment can be completed online, through card or eCheck, or USPS if that’s your thing. Once your date is booked, we are always available for help during planning.

One Month Before

We’ll send you (or your planner) our pre-wedding form which includes questions about family portraits, cocktail hour, dance floor setup, etc. We’ll also have you brainstorm songs for your highlight reel and send over any last minute Pinterest board inspo.

One Week Before

The thing about plans is, they change. A week before your day we’ll reach out again to confirm arrival times and any final details to make sure we’re on the same page.

Your Wedding Day

Because traffic happens, we always plan on being there 15 minutes early. Then, we get started doing what we do best.

The Day After

We back up your media in two different locations on three different drives. Some say it’s overboard, but we say the world will end before we lose footage.

Within Two Weeks

At this point, we’re deep into post-production, so we’ll send a gallery of highlights. Think of it as a “sneak-peek” of your full album. Feel free to share your favorites on Instagram.

Within 60 Days

Le voilà! You’re two months married and have the media to prove it. You own the rights to all your media (no watermarks here) so print, post, and share as much you please. We’re standing by if you have any requests.

Let’s Save the Date.

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